Monday, September 22, 2014

EPCOT Center Sheet Music Part 1 - Spaceship Earth, Magic Journeys and Horizons

Some people are talented and have skills. They use these talents to to play or even create beautiful music. Disney has a long history of music and some of the most popular songs of all time have come from the company's productions. EPCOT Center has a special place in the hearts of many Disney fans, partially due to the songs from many of its long lost attractions. I am a simple Disney blogger which means I have no real skills, but I'm guessing a few of you do. Enjoy this EPCOT Center sheet music!

Horizons sheet music
[Edit: Check out the music incorrectly credited to the Sherman brothers. Looks like the publisher didn't do their research!]

Magic Journeys sheet music

 Tomorrow's Child (from Spaceship Earth) sheet music

I'll post more at some point. If you upload yourself playing these to YouTube let me know and I'll link your video in my next post!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Disney Vlog: Disneyland 35 Years of Magic Food Tray and 30 Disney Questions

Back with another Disney Vlog. This time I show off some exciting Disneyland 35th birthday ephemera and answer 30 Disney questions.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Musical Connection Between 'Honey, I Shrunk the Kids' and 'Captain EO'

My girlfriend and I were bored one night and wanted to watch a movie on Netflix, so we decided to watch Honey, I Shrunk the Kids (FYI, this film doesn't hold up over time). While watching the movie, I noticed a musical connection between HISTK and Disney's Captain EO.

I was able to grab audio from both HISTK and Captain EO for all of you to hear and compare for yourselves. The video below is only audio of me comparing both musical pieces from each film.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A Visit to The Walt Disney Family Museum

A couple of weeks ago my wife and I spent the day exploring the incredible Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco California. Overall it's a must visit for any serious Disney fan. The museum is the most comprehensive and tasteful presentation of Walt Disney ever offered to the public and one could easily spend days soaking it all in. The exhibits are presented chronologically by decade, starting with Walt's birth in 1901, up to his death in 1966. Along the way there are hundreds of artifacts from Walt's personal life and professional career, including actual cells used for the classic Disney animated features, and a massive model of the idealized version of Disneyland.

For your enjoyment, I uploaded this video and over 100 photos of the museum on Flickr.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Thrift Store Finds: 70's Disneyland Patches and Mickey Mug

In this edition of Thrift Store Finds, I share with you a couple of interesting items. However, instead of writing about them, I thought it would be more enjoyable to show them to you in video form.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Mr. Smee Disney Theme Park Costume Character Card From 1977

You're a big Disney fan. You're about to go on a hot date and need something to wear. You look around your room and in your closet for something special to impress the man or woman you're trying to spend time with. A collared shirt? No, not fancy enough. A suit? Nope, what are you James Bond? A nice dress? Pssh, hell no, not good enough. Your heart races as your eyes scan all your clothing items. You see your Mr. Smee costume that formally was used inside Disney theme parks in the 70s. PERFECT! But wait! You have your costume but you have no idea how to put it on, how to clean it, or what height you need to be. Luckily for you I'm here to help. Today I present to you the character card for Mr. Smee. This was used by Disney cast members in 1977 to make sure that their costume was up to the standards set by the company.

Here you get a little character information, height requirement and cleaning information. You can also see how to actually put the thing on (socks first!).

Your date is over. Everything went great and he or she was *very* impressed with your Mr. Smee costume. But now you're back home and ready to remove the costume. Luckily this side of the card details the proper removal, storage, and cleaning protocols. Congrats on your successful date. You two make a cute couple and I'm sure you'll go far.

Monday, August 4, 2014

EPCOT Late Night Flyer From 1988 (SALT-N-PEPA AT BIERGARTEN?)

My quest to collect (and bring you) the most obscure pieces of Disney ephemera that no one else in the world would care about has brought me this flyer from a 1988 EPCOT Late Night. When I first saw this flyer I brushed it off as just a small piece of yet another one-off Disney event. But then I looked at the back and saw the lineup of performers. Taylor Dayne at the American Gardens Theatre? SALT-N-PEPA AT BIERGARTEN, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! There are a lot of Disney theme park things that I'm crushed I never got to experience and now hearing Salt-N-Pepa perform in Biergarten is on that last. I'm also trying to imagine how uncontrollably excited I would be to hear Taylor Dayne sing "Tell It to My Heart" as Spaceship Earth sits in the background.
I don't know of any other way to describe the front of the flyer besides calling it "very eighties."
The back shows the full list of acts. I'm not going to lie, there are more than one of these that I've never heard of (The Radiators?). The crazy thing here is that some of the performances started at 3:30 AM. Crazy. That's a very long day at EPCOT. Being 1988, all the classics are still there in the park. Horizons, World of Motion, the original Journey, etc. The one thing that is missing is the Norway World Showcase pavilion, which opened in June of 1998.