Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cinderella Castle at Sunset

Cinderella Castle at Sunset

Magic Kingdom, Disney World

Even More Vintage Disneyland Pictures

I'll get to today's update in a minute but first I have to thank the excellent blog Imagineering Disney for linking us in their sidebar. They are one of the better Disney fan blogs and frequently post pictures and items that even the most hardcore Disney fan have never seen. Also, their Abandoned Disney series of posts is an absolute must see! I would also like to welcome a new co-author to Angry Disneyland AP. Jaana will be providing her excellent professional Disneyland photographs to our little ol' blog. Her personal can be found here. Now, on to today's update!

These pictures were taken from a book titled "Walt Disney's Disneyland" written by imagineering legend Marty Sklar! The book is dated as being from 1965 but I have a feeling some of these photos were taken earlier.

This shot confuses me. It's obviously of the flag retreat ceremony, but notice the Christmas toy soldiers. There are no other Christmas decorations in this photo. Granted, this picture was taken 18 years before I was born but I know for sure Disneyland had a giant tree and other assorted decorations on Main Street. Could this be a staged photo?

The thing that stands out most is costume the balloon sellers had to wear. Those poor guys. I wonder how much those balloons were back then? Probably not equal to the $14 they charge today.

One thing that always stands out in vintage Disneyland pictures is how creepy the characters look. But in this one, Mickey doesn't look so bad!

 The hub, pre-partners statue days. Notice there weren't gates everywhere back then.

Fantasyland. Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe this is the spot Dumbo now occupies. 

This has got to be one of the most beautiful pictures of Sleeping Beauty Castle that I have ever seen.

 A lot has changed on the Matterhorn. In 1965 there was less snow, more vegetation, different bobsleds, and no Abominable Snowman!

A beautiful night shot of the Monorail, Submarine Voyage, and Matterhorn.

I will be back Friday with another vintage Disneyland map. Next week we will have a series of posts on my recent trip to Club 33 at Disneyland! See you then. 

Lunch at Club 33

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Moonliner and Pizzas

Tomorrowland Panorama

A panorama of Tomorrowland, featuring the Moonliner and the Pizza Port.


Yoshi Dress in the wild with Mickey!

Hi there! I am the new resident photographer here at AngryAP.com, but before I started posting things, I thought I would introduce myself. My name is Jaana, I'm a photographer by trade, and Mickey is my homie.

I guess I'm not really "angry." Well, except for when people take flash pictures on dark rides...or when strollers get in my way...or when people on motorized scooters run over my foot...or when they run out of peanut butter cookies at the confectionery. Oh, and when people loudly recite--in large groups, in sync--the intro in Haunted Mansion. I hate that.

Okay, so maybe I'm a little angry, but give me a camera and some sugar, and I'm happy. =)

I hope you enjoy my photography!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

1983 Walt Disney World Photos From Unique Vantage Points

How about some Walt Disney World photos from vantage points that a normal person wouldn't normally see? These photos are large so click on them to enjoy the full size.

This looks like it was taken from that little island near the middle of the Seven Seas Lagoon. 

Nice aerial shot of the front of Magic Kingdom. Notice the fabulous spires of the old Tomorrowland entrance.

A very early shot of Epcot. The park is only a couple of years old at this point. You can see the unfinished building for Horizons on the left and the plot of land on the right that would eventually become the Living Seas.

A beautiful night shot of the World Showcase

I love this evening picture of Future World because you can see the old fountain in front of Imagination and the steel framework of Horizons in the distance. This looks like it could have been taken from the very top of the Imagination building. 

Great shot of Epcot Center with Cinderella castle and the Contemporary Resort in the distance.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Rare Disneyland Construction Photos From 1954 To 1959

Today I'm taking it way back with these amazing Disneyland construction photos from 1954 to 1959. All of these photos were scanned by me from books in my personal collection. Click on the photos to enlarge them.

An aerial view of Disneyland after the orange trees were cleared out but before any major structure construction took place. You can see Disneyland's familiar shape near the top of the site.

Walt Disney with two of the original Jungle Cruise ippos.

It is hard to believe but this is the Rivers of America as it once appeared. 

One building two lands, half Main Street USA, half Adventureland. This is an early example of Disneyland's innovative use of small space that continues to this day.

The original Jungle Cruise queue structure nears completion. This area was beautiful and lasted quite a while but during Indiana Jones Adventure construction in 1994 the land needed to be reconfigured to accommodate modern crowds. As a result, Jungle Cruise got it's river reconfigured and a new queue structure.

Sleeping Beauty castle under construction.

I love the castle but I will always wonder what Walt would have done differently if he had more money.

This is another aerial view of Disneyland. Construction had started on some buildings but it is still very early on.

Jumping ahead to 1959, this shot shows construction of the Monorail, Matterhorn, Submarine Voyage, and the two new Autopia attractions. 1959 must have been a very exciting year for the park. I doubt there will ever be another Disney theme park expansion of this size.

One of the many submarines being trucked in past the Matterhorn. These same subs (although heavily modified) are still in use today!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Epcot Center Guide Map From 1991

1991 looks like it would have been a great time to visit EPCOT Center. Most, if not all, of the opening day attractions are still around, as are all of the "phase 2" attractions like The Living Seas and Horizons. With the park being less than 10 years old at this time it was probably still in beautiful shape in its designed glory. From a pure aesthetic stand point the park appeared as it's creators intended it to be, a far cry from today's ODV, Pin Trading, character meet and greet,  and Disney Vacation Club kiosks that litter the current grounds of Epcot.

I'd also like to add that this map is beautiful. It is filled with full color pictures and printed on nice thick paper. This got me to thinking, why shouldn't theme park maps be high quality like this? You are paying a premium price to get into these places. Disney is certainly not the only park guilty of this. But that is a discussion for another time, on to the map!

The front of the map features a image of the now extinct attraction Body Wars. I said this in my last update but it is worth repeating. At one point Body Wars was Epcot's most popular attraction. It closed forever (without replacement) in 2007.
This simple page shows the EPCOT Center mission statement along with descriptions of Future World and World Showcase. This is another thing the current guide maps could use!
Trips to Walt Disney World were much easier in 1991. You didn't have to make dining reservations 6 months in advance! The World Key kiosks were also in full effect back then. I've heard that the World Key machines are still in Epcot behind ply wood in there original locations. I wonder what would happen if you booted them up.

 This page lists every single shop that can be found in Epcot. Take a look at the picture of the INSANE looking trolls from inside the Norway shop.

Useful photography tips can be found on the right side while general WDW info is on the left. The Disney-MGM Studios was just a few years old at this point, and Magic Kingdom was advertising its brand new night time parade SpectroMagic. 

ProTip: SpectroMagic lasted 19 years at Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World. It was replaced in 2010 by the parade that was retired for SpectroMagic, the Main Street Electrical Parade.

Something interesting on this page, notice it says "Stay Inside The Walt Disney World Resort. Rates from $89 per night" Surprisingly you can still visit during most times of the year and get a Value Resort hotel room for this price!

Click to enlarge or -

This is how Epcot appeared back in 1991. Like I said earlier, all the classics are here. Every single pavilion in Future World has been completely changed or demolished entirely. The least changed is the classic Spaceship Earth, it has had several narration changes and scenes added and removed but overall the attraction is basically the same.

It wouldn't be the back page of a Disney guide map without the advertisement for Kodak. Can you imagine if these ever went away? It would be so weird! Some day I will have to post all of the different Kodak guide map advertisements I can find in one post.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

My Walt Disney World honeymoon vacation 2011 (Plus WDW and Disneyland in the same day)

I just returned from my 8 day WDW honeymoon. Around this time last year I asked my wife to marry me during the Wishes Dessert Party. In February of this year we finally got married after being together for 11 years and we decided to honeymoon in WDW.

Trip stats:
Dates - May 7 to May 14, 2011
Number of people in party - 2
Hotel - Caribbean Beach Resort
Parks visited - DHS, DAK, MK, Epcot, IOA

I won't go day by day in this trip report because we park hopped a lot. I'll just give a run down of what we did. Enjoy!

For this trip we decided to upgrade our premium annual pass to premiere. The cost is $240ish extra. The cost of a 8 day park hopper is $250 so this was a no brainer. This also let us purchase a Tables in Wonderland card. While I find it strange to pay to get a discount card to use in WDW when this perk is free at Disneyland, I did it anyway because we had some gift certificates we got as wedding presents.

We decided to try a different resort this time around. For the last two years we stayed at POR but this year we chose Caribbean Beach Resort. The room was absolutely lovely, nice and big, new looking furniture and carpeting, comfortable king size bed, and even Finding Nemo decorations. Unfortunately my wife and I were not impressed by the rest of the resort. The hotel grounds just don't hold up compared to Riverside. It was still nice, just not as beautiful. With Riverside it feels like we are actually staying in some far off place but CBR you can hear and almost see the street and cars on Buena Vista Drive. It didn't help that our room at CBR was located right across the street from the Reedy Creek Fire Services building so we heard sirens a few times. These are all minor gripes because our room really was great but we wont be staying at CBR again.

I stopped by Adventurers Club to pay my respects, I never got a chance to experience it but I wanted to stop by because the next time I'm in WDW this building will probably be gone forever.

We decided to try out Disney Quest for the first time. Honestly the only reason we did was because admission is covered on the annual pass.

The bottom floor started out promising enough. The Jungle Cruise and POTC virtual attractions were fun but almost everything else in Disney Quest was just okay to bad. I can't believe Disney charges $43 to get into this place!

I appreciate the reference to one of my favorite extinct attractions but the only real tie it has to the Alien Encounter mythology is the X-S Tech branding found all over the queue and vehicles.

Our first dinner of the trip was for Citricos but before that we decided to soak in the sites around the Grand Floridian

Beautiful views from a hotel that I will never be able to afford to stay at

Our first park of the trip was the Studios. We're not big fans of this park so we only spent about 4 hours in it. This was the start of our amazing lucky streak where most lines in the entire 8 day trip were never over 20 minutes (the longest was Harry Potter at IOA, 30 minutes). This is mostly due to us using Touring Plans again. This marks the second year we have used TouringPlans.com to help plan the trip. If you are planning a trip to WDW you must use this service, it really does work.

DHS obviously heard us smack talking it and chose to do public soft openings the day we left I was sitting in the airport waiting to get on the plane when I started reading on Twitter that the ride has opened!

One Man's Dream is SO GOOD! The displays have changed (some better, some worse) since last year when we came but it's still an excellent tribute to Walt. It's too bad most tourist choose not to go through it. It was mostly empty the entire time we were inside.

My all time favorite Epcot attraction is Horizons so I'm glad they had the robot butler on display

I stopped by the hand prints of Ollie Johnson, Frank Thomas, Ward Kimbal, Marc Davis, Ken Anderson, and Ken O'Connor. I was pleasantly surpised to see that they had been refurbished at some point over the last year!

These things were literally falling apart last year so it's good to see that they got some TLC.

On to Epcot with the obligatory picture in front of Spaceship Earth photo.

One more of Spaceship Earth

As we were going on Mission Space I saw these awesome wheel chairs with the old EPCOT Center logo!

I'm not going to lie. We watched Carrousel of Progress 5 times during the trip. I can't get enough of it. It is hands down my favorite attraction in all of WDW.

"We didn't even have a house phone, not to mention LASER DISC PLAYERS and high definition TVs"


A Marty Sklar reference in the last scene of CoP. The note says "Marty called, wants changes"

I always make a stop by the Swiss Family Tree House to soak in the amazing views of Magic Kingdom.

Walt Disney World Honeymoon by Guy Selga, on Flickr

I also made it a point to stop by another soon to be extinct attraction, Snow White.

Castle shot

This particular day evening extra magic hours until 2 am. We arrived at 9 pm to find a mostly empty park. We rode almost everything that nite with no wait, it was awesome.

Another shot of the mostly empty park

After getting back to our room at 3 AM we decided to sleep in the next day and cut our Animal Kingdom touring short. We arrived at 3 PM and enjoyed the park until it's closing time at 6 PM

Some would call it a kingdom of animals.

I never noticed this giant billboard before but it certainly fits in with the rest of Dinoland.

Jumping back to Epcot we took a the "Undiscovered Future World Tour" This was our *AMAZING* tour guide James.

He started the tour by taking us on to the stage by, what he called "The Communicor Fountain" Here is me, on the stage!


We got to go into the old United Technologies lounge located inside the Seas. It was very nice!

You can see the show tunnel from inside the lounge.

They even have the old Living Seas logo at the entrance!

Moving on they brought us up to the old Image Works section of Imagination. Unfortunately we weren't aloud to take pictures of any of the old Image Works exhibits because of some construction. Most of them are still there, the paint the ceiling with giant paint brush thing, the sensory tunnel, the pin tables, BUT there is construction of some kind going on in the rest of the upstairs area. Our tour guide James gave the very vague info that "Imagineers are working on something up here but thats all I can tell you and you cant take pictures"

Thankfully he did let us take pics of the area facing out towards Epcot.

Looking down towards the Imagination court yard.

Moving on to backstage at Energy. Animtronics formally found where the Ellen AA is now located.

Walt Disney World Honeymoon by Guy Selga, on Flickr

They also took us backstage at Mission Space. They said I could push all the buttons...

...and push them I did! To my surprise, they all worked! It was so cool! James also took us into the unfinished Compaq VIP lounge. It is located near the overflow queue. The outside looks done but inside there is no walls or floors, just exposed steel beams with the fire proof material. The only thing stored in here is the blank fast passes for Mission Space LOL. (Note this is different from the HP Lounge located above the queue of the attraction)

The rest of the tour was in backstage areas (where no photography was aloud) such as the Test Track maintenance area, costume department, and various others. We also got to see a lot of old animatronics is random areas such as Figment, Country Bear heads, and Small World dolls. Overall this 4 hour tour is VERY worth it.

Even though I watch Captain EO almost every weekend at Disneyland I still watched it three times at Epcot. I'm absolutely jealous of Epcot's version! The sound is much better. The bass was THUNDEROUS, and the lighting was much better. I loved the littler rainbow light effect that goes off when MJ flicks his fingers.

Horizons on the Epcot timeline RIP

I've never done drugs but I imagine this ride is what a drug trip looks like.

I love Sonny Eclipse!

The Wonders of Life building was open due to Flower and Garden. I must congratulate Disney on such a wonderful and innovative use of this area of the park... JUST KIDDING

The Wonders building is a joke. It's empty, quiet, and dead. Just sad.

It is hard to believe that this was home to one of Epcot's most popular attractions. Unreal.

Question for you WDW regulars, are the lights normally on in the tunnels? The lights were on in the tunnels inside Space Mountain and it made the inside of the mountain brighter than I remember it being.

It may be a bit hard to tell but in this picture but Henry's arm is dripping, what I assume to be, hydraulic fluid all over the place. After the show was over we noticed Country Bear Jamboree was down for the rest of the day.

My pretzel was not Mickey shaped like at Disneyland. What the hell Disney?

One of the extra magic nights at Epcot had a BIG GIANT UGLY Cars 2 logo was projected on the side of the beautiful Spaceship Earth.

Horizons logo found in Mission Space

In the Mission Space post show one of the displays crashed and went back to Windows.

Not only did we got lucky with wait times but we also got extremely lucky with weather. It only rained for a couple of hours on the last full day we had in the parks!

The final mission of the trip was to do Magic Kingdom and Disneyland in the same day. We left MK at around 2 PM, sat in the air port for a few hours , flew out of Orlando at 7 PM, landed at 10 PM, and then headed to Disneyland.

We made it to Disneyland at 11 PM and snapped our pic in front of the castle with both parks maps and that day's newspaper. Mission accomplished. We were both exhausted and ready to sleep for a long time.

I rarely buy Disney merch but this time there were some items I had to have.
1. Classic EPCOT Center glasses - I'm a sucker for anything with the old EPCOT logo
2. The Art of Walt Disney World book - This book has been out of print for a while now and goes for crazy prices on Amazon so i jumped at the chance to buy it at retail price + AP discount
3. Vintage attraction poster coasters - My living room has framed attraction posters up on the wall so these made sense
4. Test Track car - I'm not a fan of Test Track but I do love me some ride vehicles, this was a no brainer
5. Epcot 25th birthday button and Undiscovered Future World pin - These were given to me when we took a tour of Epcot
6. Personalized Citricos Menu - Because we went to Citricos on our honeymoon they gave us personalized menus that said "Jennifer and Guy, May you live happily ever after" This was such a surprise and so nice of them
7 Vintage attraction poster magnets - for the fridge
8. Epcot DVD - I haven't watched this yet but these always make a good "snapshot" in time. Now it may not be that interesting but in 10 years it will be fun to look back
9. A Living Blue Print of the Future EPCOT Center shirt - I wanted this shirt last year but my friend bought it and I didn't want to be a copy cat. This year the shirt was on clearance for half off and I couldn't resist.

IMG_0269 by Guy Selga, on Flickr
A shot of the menu Citricos customized for us.

DSC01687 by Guy Selga, on Flickr
Special shout out to Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I am not a fan of this series, I have never read the books or watched the movies but this was an amazing attraction that must be seen. Believe the hype.

DSC01896 by Guy Selga, on Flickr
I'll end this trip report with fireworks. Thanks so much for looking!

The rest of my pics from this vacation can be found on my Flickr page