Monday, June 6, 2011

My Disneyland Club 33 Trip Report

Recently I was fortunate enough to experience Disneyland's exclusive Club 33 for lunch and dinner. Being a life long Disneyland fan I have always hoped I would someday get a chance to eat their and thanks to my wonderful cousin and a new friend I met on my most recent WDW trip I was able to attend twice in the same week. This week on the blog I will share pictures of Club 33, it's food, and some of the little trinkets that go along with attending. 
This first thing you do as you arrive at the Club 33 entrance (located to the right of the Blue Bayou entrance) is ring the doorbell. A Club 33 cast member will the open the door and ask you for the name your reservation is under. 

After waiting a short amount of time in the lobby the receptionist will tell you and your party when you can go up to the actual restaurant. You may take the stairs or use the lift. 

At this point you will be sat in one of two dining rooms. For lunch we were brought through the main dinging room. For dinner we sat in the trophy room.

To get to the main dining room you must walk through the bar. This area is also home to the lunch buffet during the day and extra seating at night. Rare and original concept art for Pirates of the Caribbean can be found on the walls.

The main dining room.
When you sit at the table you'll find your starter plate. This is taken away when your food arrives.
Jaana takes a look at the menu
This shot shows my reaction to the prices...
 All of us chose the chateaubriand
My wife is a big time steak lover so she destroyed that bad boy.

The most amazing part of lunch was the dessert buffet! It was so good!

Some day and night shots from the balcony.

For dinner we sat in the trophy room. The waitress told us most of the original animal heads have been removed at this point. She also said Walt wanted this room to be a "guy's room" where men could come and drink and smoke cigars.
The famous animatronic vulture.
Probably the only place you will find Mickey. The coffee cup.

 Our amazing lunch waiter, Robert.
My wife and I on the balcony with the awesome Club 33 mouse ears.
 The dinner menu.
 Fess Parker Club 33 Wine.
For dinner I had the Ahi Tuna. Also delicious!
My dinner appetizer was the AMAZING crab cake.
 The back of the plate.
My dinner dessert, cheese cake, bananas foster, and banana milk shake.

Overall it was an amazing couple of trips. It is very expensive (our lunch bill was $500 for 4 people) but worth doing at least once especially if you appreciate the mystique of the club. The dress code was not as enforced as I expected, during lunch there where people in t-shirts and jeans. The customer service is absolutely amazing.

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