Sunday, July 31, 2011

EPCOT Center Construction Pictures

From Disney's worst to their best, the stunning EPCOT Center.

This amazing model was built to show the near-final design of EPCOT Center. It's too bad that this was probably scrapped after the project was complete. I'd love to get a close up look at it!

An overhead shot of the construction site with land prep in process. 

 As you can see, Spaceship Earth's geodesic sphere is almost ready for it's skin to be installed.

A person working on the green house for Living with the Land.

This view of Spaceship Earth was taken from World Showcase. The structure under construction on the right is the building for the Mexico pavilion.  

Another aerial view of Spaceship Earth, to the right you can see the left corner of Universe of Energy under construction. Look at all of the cars in the parking lot!
 Bonus pic: Walt Disney presenting his vision of EPCOT to the world in 1966.

Another bonus pic: Animatronics under construction for EPCOT Center.

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