Monday, October 22, 2012

3 Reasons Why An Iron Man Attraction Will Be Great For Disneyland

When I read a year ago that Disney bought Marvel for $4 billion dollars, I knew sooner rather than later that a Marvel type of ride was going to make its way into the DLR. We first saw signs of this when more Marvel merchandise was making its way into the parks. Iron Man toys here, Thor hammer there; Disney was making use of their purchase as fast as possible and why not? If you spent $4 billion dollars on something, wouldn't you want to get as much use out of it as fast as possible?

Then we got the news this past week that Innoventions is going to be replaced by an Iron Man type of attraction. I was upset when I first read about the news but then I thought about it and this could turn into something very special and bring a lot of great opportunities to Disneyland. Here are 3 reasons why an Iron Man will make a great addition to Disneyland.

      1. Out with the old, in with the new

      Innoventions is a huge space that has been going to waste for years. Innoventions has ran its course and it is time for something new to take its place. Touringplans has a great article on the current state of Innoventions and how outdated the technology inside is. What do we do when things get out of date? We replace them with something new and useful. Since Innoventions takes up such a huge space, it is a perfect spot for a new and amazing attraction to be built. A new attraction will bring new life into a land that has grown stale. That brings me to my second point...

     2. Much needed face-lift

     Disneyland’s Tommrrowland has been neglected for at least  10+ years now and has been needing a totally 
      makeover for a while. Star Tours 2.0 started it off but there is a  lot more work that needs to be done.
      Creating an Iron Man attraction will give 
      Tommrrowland a well deserved makeover. Some new lights, rides, and attractions will make Tommorrowland a much better land to spend time and money in.

   3. Batting a thousand

      Indiana Jones and Star Tours have nothing to do with any other Disney property but they turned out to be amazing attractions. I happen to believe that Indiana Jones is one of the best rides ever created, in any theme park. I can't see Iron Man be anything less than an amazing addition. An Iron Man ride also gives Imagineers something totally new to work with. New ideas and properties are great for innovations and it may even top Indie.

      Change and moving on is hard but this is something that needs to be done. It's change is what keeps things exciting. I have been reading comments on other Disneyland fan sites that have stated that "Walt wouldn't want this ride", ..."it’s a disgrace to Disney", blah blah blah. Nobody knows what Walt would have done or said about anything. Not even the people that were the closest to him. The only thing that we know is that Disneyland will never be complete. New and amazing attractions is what makes Disneyland so great. We won’t know if  the Iron Man attraction will be amazing or a flop until it is built and ready for masses. All I know is that Disney is going to try their best to create a new and amazing attraction for all of us to enjoy. That is something all of us, as Disney fanatics, should remember. 

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