Friday, June 20, 2014

Remembering the Return of Captain EO

picture by @Guyselga
Being a child from the 80’s was the best. We had the best music, video games, and cartoons. During this magnificent time, there was one man who defined it. That individual was Michael Jackson. Who would have thought that two of my favorite things (Disneyland and Michael Jackson) would come together to create one of the best attractions ever created: Captain EO.

As a kid, I remember experiencing Captain EO multiple times whenever I would go to Disneyland, and when it first closed in 1997, I was heart broken. Captain EO was taken out to make room for for Honey, I Shrunk the Audience, which was an underwhelming attraction for an underwhelming film. It was truly a sad day. Jump to February 23rd, 2010. The return of Michael Jackson and his rag-time-crew members to Disneyland.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Top 5: Most Annoying Things Guests Need to Stop Doing at Disneyland

Disneyland is an amazing place. It's one of my favorite places to escape from reality but there are several things that guests do that slap me back to reality. Fortunately, these annoying things don't ruin my trip at The Resort. They are just things that get on my nerves and I wish guests would think about how their actions affect others (I sound like a parent now). So, below I have created a list of 5 things that guests need to stop doing in Disneyland--or any other theme park for that matter.

5) Map Lookers
I don't mind if people to need to look at the map but when guests just suddenly stop right in the middle of the walkway to do it is frustrating. Just pull off to the side and take a peek at your map.

4) People Who Complain About Being In Line
You're at a theme park. What did you expect? No lines at all? Instead of being upset about the long lines, how about you enjoy your day with your family and friends and be happy that you are at Disneyland.

Friday, June 13, 2014

12 Things You Need To See From The Fall 1990 Issue of Disney News Magazine

Disney News Magazine was something I treasured as a child. I would wait for every issue with almost as much anticipation as going to the parks themselves. Whenever I revisit this magazine I realize that 1, the content still holds up, and 2, they are a treasure trove of Disney obscura and oddities. Here today I present to you 11 things you need to see from the Fall 1990 issue of Disney News Magazine.

1. The cover
 This issue was released just as Disney's Yacht & Beach club had opened in Walt Disney World. Check out Mickey's fantastic captains outfit. Also of note in this issue was some of the first information released to the public about Euro Disneyland. That address label shows the address of the house I grew up in and my grandma's name.

2. Disney trying to make their theme park food not so bad for you
 I included this mostly because of the picture that was included in the article. I like that the article is about healthy food, but the picture was taken inside Plaza Inn. Which menu is made up of one salad (covered in bacon and cheese) and three other extremely unhealthy entrees.

3. The mailbox we with we all had
Imagine opening your mailbox only to find that Mickey Mouse, an alarm clock, several balloons, and an ear hat has exploded in to your face. You then cling to life after being bulldozed by these items, and you think the worst is over. But no there's more. Sleeping Beauty Castle, a Star Speeder 3000, and Spaceship Earth fly at your with the force of an atom bomb. As the last seconds of your life count down you see the new issue of Disney News Magazine sitting in your mailbox. It was worth it.

4. Before the internet, we wrote letters
This couple was arguing over the voice of Jessica Rabbit. Their relationship probably took on tremendous stress as they waited for months to see if Disney News would answer their question. As the months went on the arguments grew more fierce. Without the internet and IMDB they couldn't look up the film credits, and Who Framed Roger Rabbit wasn't out on video yet! Just as their constant arguing reached a boiling point and their marriage was on their last legs, the new issue of Disney News arrived. The couple opened their mailbox and somehow dodged all the items seen in the previous picture. They frantically flipped through the magazine to get to the reader mail section and found a response to their letter. Miraculously Disney News finally answered their question and the argument was settled. Betty Jo Holley and her husband are still together to this day, and their bond is stronger than ever thanks to Disney News.

5. This Disney Dollars ad
 Aunt Martha really made this kid's day. But here's what I don't understand about Disney Dollars. They're actual currency that can be used in Disney theme parks, right? But what if you aren't going to a park anytime soon? Do you just save them as collectibles? If you are going to a Disney park soon, why wouldn't you just buy them there and save on shipping? I guess I'm over thinking this.

6. This Yacht & Beach Club ad
It's weird to think that Disney's Yacht & Beach Club Resort is almost 25 years old now. I included this not because the ad is anything too spectacular. I included it because I really like like Disney models. This page includes pictures of two of them!

7. The Rescuers Down Under/Haunted Mansion crossover
We'll never know what kind of wild adventures the Rescuers would get to inside the Haunted Mansion, but this drawing may help spark some ideas.

8. Cafe Orleans recipes from Disneyland
 Mark my words, someday I will recreate this (or some other old recipe from Disney News) and post it on this blog.

 9. A $3 off coupon for the Queen Mary
This probably wont be of interest to any of you, but I grew up in Long Beach California and love the town very much. Queen Mary is basically our icon, even though it's something you really only visit when you're a kid. At one point Disney actually owned the Queen Mary (and the Spruce Goose next door). The company obtained the Queen when they purchased the Wrather Corporation in 1989. The only reason why they purchased the company was to gain ownership of the Disneyland Hotel, which was owned by Jack Wrather from 1955 to 1989.

10. A membership ad for Mickey Mouse Club
Apparently Disney thought the Mickey Mouse Club was popular enough in 1990 to simply call it "The Club." I'm not sure if it was but I can't deny that $12.95 was a bargain for all the crap you get for joining. I don't know if you can see it, but one of the items is a $5 off coupon for a Walt Disney World ticket. I would have paid $13 bucks for the watch alone!

11. Mickey's Kitchen, the failed Disney Store concept
 I remember reading about Mickey's Kitchen and being blown away. I thought "Disney food in a mall! How cool!" But as an adult I realize this probably just meant that low quality theme park food was made available for theme park prices, but not in a theme park. I'm not surprised this experiment failed. I posted about it on Twitter and several people shared stories about how they had one near them but their parents never let them eat there. Anyway, Mickeys Kitchen lasted for a couple of years before it's two locations were closed forever.

12. 1990 Chevy Lumina and Sleeping Beauty Castle
I bet you never thought you'd see a bulky early 90s mid-sized sedan parked in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle, but there it is. Thanks National Car Rental for making our dreams come true.