Saturday, June 14, 2014

Top 5: Most Annoying Things Guests Need to Stop Doing at Disneyland

Disneyland is an amazing place. It's one of my favorite places to escape from reality but there are several things that guests do that slap me back to reality. Fortunately, these annoying things don't ruin my trip at The Resort. They are just things that get on my nerves and I wish guests would think about how their actions affect others (I sound like a parent now). So, below I have created a list of 5 things that guests need to stop doing in Disneyland--or any other theme park for that matter.

5) Map Lookers
I don't mind if people to need to look at the map but when guests just suddenly stop right in the middle of the walkway to do it is frustrating. Just pull off to the side and take a peek at your map.

4) People Who Complain About Being In Line
You're at a theme park. What did you expect? No lines at all? Instead of being upset about the long lines, how about you enjoy your day with your family and friends and be happy that you are at Disneyland.

3) Shoulder Sitting
There are times when I really want to get a good spot for the fireworks or show so I arrive with enough time to get the perfect spot. Then five minutes before the show starts, a parent crams their way in front of me, which is fine because I’m a pretty tall, but then they grab their child and put them on their shoulders. Really? Really?! No consideration to anyone else around you. Parents, if you really want your child to sit on your shoulders, stand in a place where you're not blocking anyone's view. Think about others around you.

We all know Disneyland can be a hard place to walk through during a busy day, and adding strollers to the mix does not help any. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind small strollers but what gets to me are the huge-monster-truck-packed-to-the-brim-with-stuff-strollers. Do you really need to bring 50 items for one child? No, you don't. If you really need to bring that much stuff, there are lockers you can use.
1) Taking Pictures/Video on Rides
I get it. You want to take a picture to capture the memory forever but you do not need to do this while experiencing an attraction. Especially on dark rides. When you take a pictures on an attraction, the light from your screen distribue others around you and it takes others out of the illusion that the attraction is taking you into. It is all about knowing your surroundings and being respectful of everyone else. Just put the camera/cell phone in your pocket and wait to take pictures/videos outside of the ride. I promise it will be okay.

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