Friday, November 30, 2018

6 Things I Like and Don't Like This Week 11/30/18

Wow, I haven't been on here for a minute. Anyways, I'm back and going to start a new series on which every week I'll have 6 things I like and don't like about things going on in the world of Disney (theme parks, movies, etc.). They won't always be even with 3 things I like and 3 things I don't so keep that in mind. However, for the first post I wanted to keep it even for everyone to enjoy.

So, let's jump right into it and hope you enjoy:


1. I LIKE The Lion King TT

I know this trailer dropped last week but whatever. I really did enjoy the trailer and I can't wait to see how the movie actually turns out. Even if it's a shot-by-shot recreation, I'm totally fine with that. More Lion King is always great. Also, can we really call this a "live-action-version" when, to the looks of it, looks 100% CGI? ::shrugs::

2. I DON'T LIKE the Toy Story 4 TT

Another Disney teaser trailer (technically Pixar, I guess) that dropped around the same time as The Lion King is the Toy Story 4 one. I know this is a teaser trailer but I don't know how I feel about another TS movie. I loved the third one and I know I can trust Pixar films but this teaser trailer doesn't get me excited for the movie. Hopefully I'm wrong about this and the movie will be awesome.

3. I LIKE 90's Nite @ Disneyland

On March 7, 2019, Disney is having a 90's nite at Disneyland! I was a kid of the 90's and there is nothing more I love than the Disney Afternoon. There is nothing better than taking a picture with Darkwing Duck (which I did a few times as a kid) and it's great that whomever attends will be able to experience that. This is going to be an amazing night of fun at the park and I hope that Disneyland does more themed nights like this. It does cost $99 dollars which is a lot to ask for a few hours of this themed event. But knowing Disney, they will make it worth your wild ::fingers crossed::

4. I DON'T LIKE the GotG Coaster at EPCOT

In Walt Disney World (old) news, Bob Chapek shared the first public concept art for the Guardians of the Galaxy attraction that will be built at EPCOT. I love any concept art but I'm not a fan of GotG movies (granted, I haven't seen any of the two so take my opinion on them with a huge grain of salt). Also, I'm not about shoehorning Marvel or Disney proprieties into EPCOT but I understand why Disney would add something like this to a park, I believe, doesn't really relate to younger people. Who knows, this attraction maybe awesome and I've have to eat crow.

5. I LIKE Captain Marvel @ DCA

Disney Park Blog posted a couple of weeks back (this is old news I know--yeah, yeah, yeah) that Captain Marvel meet-and-greet will be happening around the same time the movie drops (March 2019). Hatred for Marvel in Disney theme parks is alive and well as we all know with many Disney theme park fans but it's in DCA (a theme park with really no theme) so I'm cool with it. Even though I'm not a fan of the Marvel movies, I love to see powerful and smart female characters that children can interact with that aren't wearing a dress.

6. Disney Twitter & Forums

I took a HUGE break from Disney Twitter and blogs for sometime because of all the complaining and pickiness that the internet has to offer (ironic since I'm posting on a blog called "The Angry AP" [shrugs]). Anyways, I thought things might have changed but it really hasn't. 

I enjoy to complain as much as the next guy (just like this post) but I do my best to not be rude about it. If you dislike something, that's cool, but do it in a respectful way. Don't just post "THIS IS DUMB BECAUSE IT'S NOT WALT'S VISION!". That's not a solid argument and you don't know what Walt would have wanted and/or done if he were alive today. Bring something new to the conversation and some logic (believe me, even a little bit can take you a long way), not just outrageous statements that are hollow in their meaning. 

What are things that you liked and didn't like from this week in the world of Disney? Leave a comment below and be nice.

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