Friday, December 7, 2018

6 Things I Like and Don't This Week 12/07/18

I'm back with another week of things I liked and didn't like from this week in Disney news. In this week's list, there are more that I liked than didn't and I'm pretty sure it's because it's the holiday season. There isn't much not like about the holiday season (speaking for myself here), and I'm always in a more joyful mood during this time of the year. Hope you enjoy the list and let me know in the comments what are somethings you liked, or didn't, this week. Cheers!

1. I Like that Ralph Breaks the Internet is still Performing Strong 

Ralph Breaks the Internet is my favorite animated film of 2018 so far and it looks like it has leg to stay strong at the box office throughout the holidays. In it's 2nd week it had a strong performance and I don't really see anything slowing it down until Mary Poppins sequel hits the big screen later on this month. I just hope this means a 3rd movie in the franchise happens because I love the relationship between Ralph and Vanellope. They are my favorite duo right now in a movie franchise.
Source-Box Office Mojo

2. I Don't Like "The Wonderful World of Disney Holiday Magical" Thing


Even though I do love the holidays at Disney theme parks (more on that below) I've never been a fan of 'The Wonderful World of Disney's Holiday' specials on ABC. It always seems corny and just an ad for Disney theme parks (duh Ray!). I know it's for kids to watch and for them to bug the hell out of their parents to take them on Disney park vacation. I just wish there were a little more meat on the bones for theme park fans like myself.
Source- Disney Park Blog

3. I Like the Festival of Holidays @ DCA


When Disney theme parks go all in for the holidays, it's usually a good thing. Same goes for the Festival of Holidays that is happening at DCA. Even though I'm a huge critic of DCA, I love that Disney keeps adding things to make the park more lively and fun for visitors, epscially during the holiday season. I'm going to say something that is most likely going to give me some heat but I'm starting to enjoy DCA's holiday celebrations a little more than Disneyland's. There is just so much jammed back in the park (shows, events, food, etc.) during this time at DCA it just looks like a fun time. It kinda makes up for the lack of attractions they have at the park during this time of the year.
Source- Disney Park Blog

4. I Like the 'Beauty and the Beast' Attraction Coming to TDL

Holy. Crap. Disney Parks blog dropped a sneak peek at the upcoming TDL 'Beauty and the Beast' attraction and it looks amazing. I (and I know many of you) love the 'Beauty and the Beast' movie/s and to have a ride based on it is awesome enough but watching the video and seeing what the animatronics will look like are stunning. Japan has been on my bucket travel list for some time now and I can't wait until I have to the chance to experience this. Let's cross our fingers and hopefully an attraction like this will make its way to one of the state side parks.
Source- Disney Parks Blog

5.  I Don't Like 8-10hrs to Just Get into DL


I know when Star Wars Land opens up it's going to be a s-show but nothing like this. Theme park "experts" came out this week and reported that SWL could bring in, on opening day, 200,000 people! This is just insane and if you're interested in reading more on the details of the report, just check out the source link below. My plan is to go to Disneyland during the first month SWL opens and I know it's going to be crazy but I've been to the parks so many times (and I know the best Disney park hacker, Guy) but this is just crazy how busy it might get. Hopefully this news will scary everyone away and it won't be THAT busy. Never-the-less, I'm going to have my Switch in my backpack ready to tackle those long lines.
Source- Inside the Magic

6.  I Like that the Stakes are Higher for Iger


Just this week, the shareholders of Disney made it a lot harder for Iger to get his bonus that he would be getting in 2021. If you are interested in reading the details (link the source for more details) but I like the fact that the shareholders are raising the stakes on Iger. I think these marks that he has to hit and they are some of the hardest I've seen for a CEO has to reach. But man, Iger has an amazing on-base-percentage when it comes to being successful and having things workout. If I were a betting man, I would put money on Iger hitting these marks for sure.
Source-The Wall


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